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Black shemale Lilredmomma on the dating scene



When you get to the black shemale dating site you need to search for “lilredmomma” because she’s on fire and looking for love on the internet. It was her birthday recently so when you hit her up in chat or on video tell her happy birthday. She loves presents and when you do finally meet her take her to the mall and buy her whatever she wants. She’s fine and deserves to be treated like the black goddess she is. Always looking great in a bikini and when she sports her tight jeans all the boys cum to the yard. Oh yea, she just turned 21 so she can go out to the club now.

lilredmomma4 lilredmomma2 lilredmomma10 lilredmomma6

After a hard day of pampering herself and getting her hair and nails done she likes to relax sometimes and see what’s going on with online dating. She likes to meet very masculine men so if you’re not hitting the gym you better start doing some pushups real quick. She loves high heels so if you buy her some really nice ones she might forget about all those donuts you been eatin.

Lilredmomma is a career girl and is still going to college. She works out of the house and is very ambitious, self motivated. She’s not looking to hang out with broke scrubs but might make exceptions if you know how to work it, so come correct and get some game. This hot young lady doesn’t care if you smoke but she’s trying to quit. Somebody told me they were just talking to her on a live cam somewhere and didn’t know if she was smoking or not. Help her quit smoking. She drinks socially and loves to watch cartoons.

A little shy but when you get to know her you’ll be really surprised. When you’re ready to meet a hot black shemale you know where to go. Don’t forget, search for “lilredmomma” !

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Happy Holidays !

Black shemale Trina is thick from Pennsylvania



A sexy black shemale from Pennsylvania with all kinds of curves is waiting for you. She’s out looking for a date again at the dating site. When you get there search for “trinathick”, she likes to hang out at facebook sometimes and take self shots of her big booty. Make sure you search for her and you won’t be disappointed. Maybe she’ll hook you up with some more pictures or a video that are just too hot for the internet.

Right now she’s doing hair at her father’s salon and as you can see, she’s really good at it. Trina is not only thick and curvy but she can style your hair too. If you’re the right guy she’ll share all her secrets with you and maybe give you something special. Trinathick is friendly and really sociable. She likes to go out a lot with her man. Don’t be shy.

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Black shemale Nikki looking for a date



This girl isn’t looking for the “average joe.” A thick black shemale from Maryland wants to get your attention anyway she can. Looking good in sweet panties and showing off her fat booty. Taking cell phone pics and giving them to her friends–finally looking for love online. It’s been a rough road slapping those cheeks but she’s getting close to finding her perfect man. She’s an Aries and describes herself as “thick!” Thick booty, and hopefully when you meet her you’ll find out just how thick she really is. She’s looking for a discreet and fun time with a clean cut but flirtatious man. Could you be the man of Nikki’s dreams? When you get there ask for LovelyNikki10, you can see the other self pics she’s made available online in the members area. Signing up for free dating never had so many great benefits until today so what are you waiting for?

In school Nikki was the teachers pet. A little shy and outgoing, but a really talented girl when it came to music and reading. She’s drawn to intelligent and sophisticated men so if you’re the right one don’t miss the boat. Shopping is also one of her favorite past times so you’re going to need some funds. This black shemale hotty is flexible. Don’t get it twisted though, she’s not a gold digger and sometimes can make an exception if the guy is really hot.

lovelynikki10_2 lovelynikki10

Nikki works full-time in the entertainment business so there might be some really interesting conversation over a glass of champagne or a nice moonlight stroll. She enjoys Comedy, Drama and going out to a nice restaurant. Treat her like a lady and you’ll be able to grab that booty too. Just like in that photo. Black shemale Nikki really enjoys Beyonce so if you’re not a fan, … be one. Good luck !

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Little Miss Minnesota is a black shemale looking good in jeans



She goes by the name black shemale msminnesota . She’s 26 from Medicine Lake, Minnesota. She should change her name to “Too damn tasty” ! Taking some self pics of that booty in tight jeans. Making all the white married men in Minnesota drool and wish their wife had an ass like that. When you go search for msminnesota and you’ll find a party you might not be able to come back from. She’s a Gemini and “Thick”. Msminnesota has a college degree and she’s her own boss. Specializing in Finance and Trading. Don’t try to pull any bullshit with Ms thang or you ain’t getting any of that black wang.


Ms Minnesota kind of looks like Whitley from A different World. She’s a dog lover and if you add her to your “Little Black Book” she might tell you his name. Her favorite artist is Mary J Blige, and doesn’t need any more drama. You know she has great taste in music, she’s fine as hell, and she’s got a big thick surprise for you so if you’re in the mood hit her up ! She can do whatever she puts her mind to. A clever, “goofy” Christian that wants to travel the world and I’m sure she will. If you ever thought about black shemale dating she is why you did.

Jassie babe is too hot in the hot tub



Jassie is a babe from Houston Texas. She’s extremely intelligent and well rounded. Jassie loves to read, cook and really is a great homebody. She’s a great black shemale date to leave at home while you’re out earning the bacon. She doesn’t fuck around with losers when you hitup Jassie you need to come correct.


She loves to take self pics of her hot ebony figure. She’s so curvy and delicious. Too hot in the hot tub so you better bring your swim trunks homie. Jassie is slim 5’10” of course if you haven’t guessed she is african american. A Nubian princess with a extra surprise you. When you go see her profile at Black Shemale Dating don’t be surprised if you become addicted to all her sexy photos.

She has a college degree and her specialty is Art, Music and Literature. She likes a calm house and no drama. She smokes but not Tabacco ;) You go girl !

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