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Black shemale Natassia Dreams prefers the white meat


On thanksgiving Natassia Dreams preferred the drumsticks. Christmas is different because this black shemale is going for the white meat. This dude pumped so much cum into her mouth it was dribbling out the sides. He was really excited as you can see in this latest update on December 15 from Black Tgirls, the best place in town to see all your favorite amateur and porn ebony transsexual super stars !

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The new blonde wig Natassia is sporting looks good. She wears it well. I think she should have a little blonde landing strip down there, don’t you? P.K. Vegas took these excellent shots. You should see the video. Black shemale Natassia keeps her figure in great shape. It takes work to be that titillatingly tasty.

Her purple see thru lace panties makes her little white man hard as a rock. He slams Natassia’s black booty cheeks with his little pecker. Pumping her bum until she has an anal orgasm. He does such a good job in this new episode you would swear they were in love. Leave a comment to Natassia in her chat.

Black shemale Dejaboo from Manhattan


dejaboo7 dejaboo

My panties got so Deja-delicious when I found out Dejaboo was looking for a date.She’s looking for more fun at the black shemale dating place, search for her name “Dejaboo”. Dejaboo is 29, spoiled and a black shemale from Manhattan, New York.

She’s a Virgo and speaks English fluently. Of course she does because she’s a hot American Shemale with attitude. Dejaboo has a little booty back there too so pucker up those suck lips of yours. Those see thru panties will definitely be on the menu for the right guy.

She’s 5’9”, 150 lbs of black beautiful butt cheeks from NY. She travels around alot and right now she’s staying down in Harlem. Dejaboo wants a man that feels the need to please. No half steppin — you need to show up with kneepads playa. This fine Black Shemale requires you need to be in good muscular shape. Sorry but if you ate a twinkie today you probably won’t be getting any of her cream filling. She would enjoy an eclectic male that enjoys a variety of things in life. Someone willing to experiment and have fun with her. You aren’t getting the panties on the first date so don’t even try. Dejaboo is a grown woman and really has no time for games.

Walk down the street with her on your arm during the day and cuddle up at night watching her favorite show “Americas next top model” . This is the age of love and Dejaboo is on fire. The only piercings she has are in her ears but it’s cool if you have some. She loves dogs and has a degree.


Dejaboo loves to take midnight strolls down 5th ave. A nice night at a Broadway show would be how she likes to spend an evening. She’s spiritual but not religious. Learn the difference before you step. You have to appreciate her inner qualities as well as her outer assets; like that dejabooty in those tight shorts right there. If she sounds like the black shemale date of your dreams search for her name at this dating place for ebony shemales.

Will black shemale Lashelle be your new fuck buddy?



I was looking for a new black shemale fuck buddy in Stockton and boom, I came across Lashelle . You need to go here to the dating place type in her name in the search. She has some good freebies. When you get there it’s great to see all the hot shemales in tight white lace panties like this. Look at all that booty. She’s 42 and still looking great ! I guess her friend took this great photo of her against the shower. I’m about to take her for a drive in my truck. Either that or she’s going to meet me at the hotel room. Forget about your boyfriend.

Lashelle is face down, ass up !

She’s seeking a man and was online not too long ago. You need to show up at Black Shemale Dating and tell her how much you want a slice a that chocolate cake. She’s black, intelligent, tall and she got an L.A. pretty face. You could take her to Dinner at Quiznos and nobody would even know she had the biggest dick in the restaurant. Lashelle says her best feature is her “butt”. I call that about 10 gallons a booty in a two gallon container.

She is self employed and makes over 45k a year. Lashelle drinks socially but is not a smoker. Smokers smell bad. She has no interest in kissing an ashtray. Lashelle loves that show Atlanta Housewives and you can usually find her at the club. No body art please, keep your nose piercings and ball rings to yourself.

If you want to kickit with Lashelle and listen to some rap, soul or maybe some gospel in a laid back atmosphere get in touch with her fast. That ass is going to be flying off the shelf faster then georgia waffles!

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