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Black shemale in lingerie gets oiled down



This sexy black shemale gets oiled down and ready for her next photo shoot. She showed up in sexy lingerie and a new perm. It was time to have some fun with this six foot tall black girl from Norfolk, Va. She’s said she’s proud of her thick legs. Her lingerie g-string panties riding right up her chocolate booty. Meya likes to model because that’s where she met her boyfriend Zack.

Her movies were top notch and very professional for this amateur tranny from the east coast. She strips down to almost nothing, teasing the camera and her cock. Playing with her balls shooting a wod of jizz all over her chest. It was such a sexy scene in these transsexual movies of hers, not the best one but if you search you will find them.

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Skinny black shemale oiled down in lingerie



Dark skin and super skinny. April is the new girl at Black Tgirls. She’s in these amazing photos today measuring her cock, posing in sexy lingerie and oiling down her sexy body. Somebody feed this girl please. She’s so skinny but my friend Petey likes it like that. He likes really skinny black shemales with long hair. Her hair is all natural she says. You can even stick your dick in it.

She’s all ready oiled down real good. All in her cock and balls. Oiled down tits and she even lubed up her ass. The lingerie was straight from Victoria’s Secret and looks stunning on her. When she bends over you can tell she is from Washington D.C. because the booty is so fine. Ripe and ready for a good poke. Her sexy eyes and the way she moves to music is incredible. She got the entire staff hard when she did this hot photo shoot, you should see the videos.

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Katie Coxxx is a black shemale porn star



This is her first time at Shemale Pornstar. Katie is definitely a star! She has a huge black cock and big boobs. A shemale you won’t forget. Not because she’s a great piano player, it’s because she left stretch marks around your lips. Well oiled down, massaged and ready for more work. Her hungry cock is waiting for you to bend over so she can practice her new concerto. It’s called “Fuck You Silly”.

She considers herself a slut for the camera and can never turn down a good time. They oiled down the booty, the boobs and of course, her huge black cock and balls. Nylon stockings and a pearl necklace add the icing on your black shemale cake! She doesn’t shave either. A hairy girl down there so you might want to bring your safari goggles to the party.

Check out all the new full size sex photos of her getting off. I really enjoyed the videos. They download really fast so you can peep them out later. Katie Coxxx is just another addition at a great site with exclusive girls you won’t find anywhere else. Continually updated weekly never a disappointment !

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Miss Goodbar has a huge black shemale cock


missgoodbar3001 missgoodbar3004 missgoodbar3014

missgoodbar3041 missgoodbar3117 missgoodbar3098

Can you fit all that black shemale cock in your tight ass ? Miss Goodbar wants to find out in her new update. Black Tgirls is on a roll this month turning out the hottest ebony transsexuals episodes. Movies and fresh new galleries to make you bust your nut load. Put some creamy white frosting on that black cupcake right now and check out the rest of the updates. If you still don’t know why they call her Miss Goodbar you’ll find out later in the movies they just put on that site. She needs her nuts licked so why don’t you step up to the plate. In these new photos she’s looking extra special. That tight see through fishnet body suit brings all the boys to the yard. When she shakes her money maker every day is like “new friend” day. Miss Goodbar is from San Francisco, if you don’t live there you can still try to hook up with her in the chat room.

Miss Goodbar looks different then she used too in this old post.

Do you like oiled down booty ? Miss Goodbar got that for days ! In this new update she gets her booty rubbed down. Hot oil massaged and slapped to perfection. Tenderized booty meat but just one things missing. Your face. Now stick it right in there playa. You can milk that man clit while you’re tossing the salad. You’ll be “lovin it” like Mcdonalds, who said you couldn’t find a nutritious meal there. In the movie towards the end they put hot oil all on her titties. Rubbing it in around her stomach, then they get down to the goodbar. Over eight inches of ding dong slathered in oil. She jerks her self off just for her and cums a big sticky load everywhere. The next day when the maids cleaned the room they thought Jackoff Pollock was there. So don’t be the late guy to the party and miss out on that tasty chocolate goodbar.


Big cock black shemale nipple rings and oil treatment



What do nipple rings, big cocks, oil and black shemales have in common? They all describe all the fucking fun you’re going to have when you see Natalia Coxxx in her stunning new photo extravaganza featuring her humongous large vein busting cum filled black cock ! I swear how can she even function when all that blood goes down there to fill up that fat huge cock of hers. She must get light headed. When you see all the other hot shemale with mega dicks you’re going to need a tissue. Would you like to be Natalia Coxxx’s dirty little dick eater ?

Let’s not forget those powerful boobs. She’s got tons of fun in those funbags. Before your mouth gets sore you gotta suck on those for awhile. When she’s erect and you’re in the same room I wouldn’t recommend bending over. You might get a surprise. She really outdid herself this time when she was rubbed down with baby oil. It was such a compliment to her shiny beach attire. They had to clean the sand out of her butthole but she was still good to go. Her tight ripped abs and muscular physique is really popular with all the guys hanging out at the water cooler today. Her cock is the talk of the town.

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