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Natassia slaps her chocolate black shemale ass


I had a dream last night. A Natassia Dream. Sexy black shemale Natassia slapping her chocolate booty crack ! Simply ravishing tonight in her red lingerie. Reminds me of the last time I did some black shemale dating. Looking for that “special” someone. I saw a girl that looked just like her.

Never mind that she’s from San Diego and one of the sweetest girls in the world. What makes her even better is that big fat black cock ! It’s all the rage have you heard? Natassia Dreams is a stunning subject for these shemale photos you must agree. See thru lace slip. Gently falling off her shiny buttocks. She bends over on a chair and BOOM—Slaps that ass !

In this lighting you can see she is a stunning beauty ! These black shemale pictures will get you off bro, big time ! When I saw the movies I was a little blown away also. She’s a solo girl now, moved to NYC and is a big star so why don’t you get on your knees and kneel to the queen ! You won’t be disappointed in this hot ebony transsexual extravaganza !

Black shemale Nisha is back with her juicy cock


nisha-blackshemale-fishnets nisha-blackshemale-big-cock nisha-blackshemale-suckit

Just chilling by the fireplace. It’s cold in “them thar hills billy”. What better way to spend this holiday season then with Nisha. Your favorite black shemale with so much cock you’ll have to save the rest for leftovers. At Black Tgirls it’s thanksgiving all year long.

Nisha is such a sweet girl from Povidence Rhode Island. She loved the Black Tgirls website so much she mailed in her photos. It didn’t take long for them to discover her. She is such a cute girl wouldn’t you like to play hide the salami sometime with her? Tony Vee scheduled a shoot with her and she went to New York. The big city where your dreams cum true. She was such a pro [ … more at the blacktgirls blog ]. They have a forum in there and everything so check it out later mmmmkay ?

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