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Very feminine black shemale from North Carolina



She’s a Gemini from North Carolina desperately in search of someone to love her. It shouldn’t be too hard because black shemale Tsalyssahung is a stunning beauty. Totally passable feminine girl that always keeps her nails looking tight! Sometimes she just sits in front of the mirror and vogues. It’s because she’s playful with a sense of humor. The last time she got together with someone they had the hottest pillow fight.

Don’t get it twisted though she likes to play around but doesn’t take any bullshit. Don’t take her generosity and great personality for weakness. Come correct with no games and you’ll have a hot black shemale girl you can take anywhere and all the guys will want a piece of that ass ! She says she can’t go anywhere without rude boys hitting on her. Don’t touch the booty without permission you might get ya teef knocked out son.

She’s hot Korean and Black mix ! Are you ready yet ?

tsalyssahung3 tsalyssahung2

Looking damn good in lingerie Tsalyssahung is hung alright. Big ding ding and curvy like you wouldn’t believe: as you can see by her hot photos. She wants to move out of Goldsboro NC so she can really get noticed for the true black shemale beauty that she really is.

In search of a successful guy. You have to know how to treat a lady. If you don’t make Tsalyssahung feel appreciated you might as well go home. She’s way to hot right now for games. She is a dog lover so that’s a plus. She makes a little coin and has a college degree so come correct. If you don’t have any game you need to find some fast because she’s about to get scooped up.

Tsalyssahung was the brain in high school and her friends describe her as someone they really want to be around. She likes exotic places and has an ear for music. Pop, Jazz, and soul to name a few of her preferences. A shemale you won’t regret meeting. I tried to hit her up on her cam or chat but I don’t know if she has one yet.


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Black shemale Janiva looking for a real man for dating



Janiva is “Looking for a real man for real dating”. She’s 42 from 42 From Fayetteville, North Carolina . She was just online today and still looking for a real man to sweep her off her black shemale feet. So when you get to the Black Shemale Dating site type in “Janiva” to find her.

She’s a divorced African American that loves to have fun but doesn’t like any games. She’s fit and has strong thighs. All the little white bicyclists want to be her friend.

Janiva is 5’11” with a brown complexion. Her hair is shoulder length, black and luxurious. Long legs to wrap you up in at night for snuggle time. She caring, intelligent and spontaneous. Janiva loves gifts but is no prostitute so don’t get it confused. When she meets that special guy she’ll share more of herself. Janiva is real witty so don’t try to get smart unless you have a college background. She to kick back and relax. In high school she was the class clown so you have to appreciate her great sense of humor or you’re out.

Black shemale Janiva is flirty so don’t submit your application unless you’re comfortable with that. Janiva is very spiritual and attends services once a month so don’t doing anything Jesus wouldn’t do on the first date. She’s ever changing and striving to be the best person she can. If you like a girl with a sadistic side that will put a dog collar on you every now and then you came to the right place.

What does she want in a real man? A man that is Intelligent, physically fit, witty and fun loving. Like I said you have to be secure and comfortable with yourself. If you can cook that’s a plus. I’m not talking about a sandwich we need some dinner up in here. You’re going to have remove the stick from your ass, not just to make room but she wants a guy that loves to laugh. Black shemale Janiva wants to have fun and be treated like the beautiful lady she is. No smokers please because smoking makes you smell, nobody wants to date an ashtray.

If you’re looking for something on the “down low” you came to the wrong place. She deserves much better then that and all your time. Not interested in being your chocolate fantasy for weekend rendezvous. So go search for Janiva and start making cariños with a sexy black shemale.

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