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Black shemale from NYC called my cell for booty call



Chilling out at the pad I got a call. It was some black chic I met at the club. Little did I know she was a black shemale. My cell kept blowing up so I finally decided to give up the dick. It ain’t easy givin up all this man meat but who am I to discriminate, open your mouth. Hardcore fucking was on my mind. When I got over to her house in NYC I had to pull out my cock real quick and let her suck on it. She was surprised at first but soon changed her mind when I showed her my balls. Big black hairy balls that she liked to lick cleaner then a whistle.

This black tgirl was strokin my schlong all night. It was my first time being with anyone like this. I heard about the Black Shemales on the internet but that’s about it. I never knew I’d have a mouthful of ebony cock meat between my lips. Gosh, to think a true love sprouted from this romance and it all started on our cell phones. It didn’t take long before I was downloading black shemale sistas video on demand. They even sent me some cocoa butter to rub on my thick long black cock.

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Hitting up Natalia Coxxx on her Mobile Phone



Natalia Coxxx is looking better then ever fresh out of the shower. A hot black shemale with a Cuban father and Haitian mother, you won’t want to miss all that ebony cock flavor ! In her white bathrobe and getting harder every second. Someone hit her up on her mobile phone. I forgot if she had an iphone or that other one she got for Christmas. Earlier that day she was hanging out in her bikini fresh out of the pool.

Butt naked and rock hard. She didn’t squirt anything out in the shower. She waited until she got ahold of her boyfriend. They’ve been sexing(texting) and flirting all day. She finally gets on the bed. Naked and ready for some steamy mobile phone sex. The sheets were crispy clean white as the driven snow. This sexy black shemale would soon soil them making it sticky with hot cum juice. It tastes like pineapple orange drink would you like some ?

It’s a good thing she put on the makeup. She looks really  pretty without but it makes her feel that much more sexy. Her pierced lip adds that extra flavor for your fancy. When she’s sucking your cock you’ll know it’s there because Natalia Coxxx can work it! She’s soon rock hard, squeezing and rubbing her big fat juicy cock for the camera. She shoots a fat wod of cum out of her big black balls in the movie. She likes for you to suck her tits when she cums. Sometimes Natalia can have multiple orgasms.


Black shemale Taylor shows off her long legs



Taylor sporting a hot fishnet body suit. Her black shemale star is shining through ! When you see the new photos of her you’ll know what I mean. Don’t forget the movies, those were off the chain sexy. Her long legs are so sexy it’s like taking a walk down the runway at the shemale awards. When Taylor puts on those high heels you know the party is about to begin. Bend over and hold on tight!

This is from last year when she was teasing us with her tight black skirt. Black shemale upskirts were never as exciting as this. Bending down and taking a peek in the fridge. Her nuggets dangling ever so gently. You can “schmack’em” if you want.


If you like tall girls Taylor will please your needs. So get on your knees and don’t sneeze because you’re going to miss all deez ……… nuts ! So next time you’re in town don’t forget to show up at Black Tgirls and get in the chat room. You can talk to all kinds of ladies for free. It’s like cock wonderland in there and if you get your mobile phone out you can call her. Black shemales are even more accessible on your phone.


Black shemale bendella2001 from Manhattan



I was just talking to her 2 days ago. A sweet black shemale from Manhattan NYC. She’s 27 and in search of a man. Would you like to be her man ? African American brown skin beauty with all kinds of curves. She looks great in those jeans.

Bendella2001 packing some extra special for you in those tight jeans. Search for her name.

Originally from Raleigh North Carolina she’s been in New York for about six years. 5’10”,170 lbs and some tasty 36 A cups. She has a slim little waist and packing some booty in the back. She almost has to fight the boys off on the subway. She told me they’re like hungry wolves sometimes. She’s currently in school trying to get that degree. Being a student is hard work. It’s hard but she knows how to shake that money maker.

This black shemale hottie is easy to please. A nice conversation or walk in the park. Romance is key so bring flowers when you first meet. Bendella2001 is also willing to travel to someplace warm !

bendella2001 bendella20012

She loves to cook so you might get something better then a sandwich after a passion filled afternoon. Her favorite movie is Pretty Woman if you want to rent some videos or something. If you ever thought about dating a black shemale she’s the reason why. What else can I say. She’s beautiful and single so what are you waiting for? Hit her up on her mobile phone.


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Kisses from black shemale Missjaedah



She loves to blow kisses and that’s not the only thing. Missjaedah is a black shemale from Edmond, Oklahoma. She loves to play on her mobile phone. Missjaedah is a Sagittarius and is very single. Looking for that Mr. Right has been an uphill battle. She’s tired of little boys. Time for a real man with a cock bigger then hers. When you go to the dating place make sure you type her name in the search box “Missjaedah”. She is 20 years old and just got her first car. A lot of firsts for Missjaedah including her new apartment. She’s ready to get down like soul train so why don’t you dance on over and have a chat with her.

She describes her body type as “thick” so you’ll have something to hold on too when you get in those thighs( besides the surprise ). Outgoing and spontaneous would describe her best. Missjaedah loves to have fun. Watching TV is so boring to her. She would rather go out to the movies or have a nice dinner. When she listens to Mary J Blige it’s a real turnon for her so bring some CD’s with you.

Missjaedah is also writing a book so you know she’s not stupid. Don’t try anything lame just be upfront with her about who you are. This black shemale loves to party, have a great time and just enjoy life to the fullest ! She’s not looking for a “perfect” guy. It really doesn’t matter and she enjoys surprises ! I hope you do too !

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Black shemales go mobile and jackoff on their iphones



Peekaboo I see you jacking off on your iphone ! Or is this a black shemale podcast “wif deez nuts”. Logan loves to show off. Jerking off for her fans to get things warmed up. She blows a huge load in this movie. Logan is wearing her favorite outfit eventuating the shemale booty. Those red nylon stockings are extra sexual when she creams all over that mobile device. Her legs shake and quiver. How much cum are in those balls anyway? I hope she’s been eating bananas and drinking plenty of milk — makes a marvelous sperm count.


After dumping a fantastic load it’s time to relax and listen to some tunes. Find out what she’s listening to next and get a mouthful of Black Shemale Cum while you’re at it here at Black Shemale X. Get some …

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