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Free Black shemale lap dances in Vegas



Jason was in Vegas at the bunny ranch. I didn’t know they had black shemales there and neither did he. He wanted her to show him “whatcha got?” What he got was a mouthful of black balls fresh from the panties ! This new update from Black Tgirls is exquisite. She coaxed him into taking off his pants finally. Jessica liked what she saw. This was his first time and he was thinking about getting a reach around like he saw on the internet.

jessica3050 jessica3025

Jessica was looking extra foxy and still had on her reading glasses from story time. In a rush she decided to break off little Jason something real special. After all it’s Easter and Jason was hunting for huevos to put in his basket ! After some foreplay and a little mutual suckoff it was time to explore his anus. Not the tightest so she wondered if he really was a Virgin like he said.


They had a dandy time ! Reaching around and stroking his little white pee pee gave her such a thrill. I think that’s why she started fucking him harder. Five minutes after she came he said he could still feel the squirts in his rectum cavity. The happy ending was extreme and I’ll have to save the details. I will tell you it was just fantastic ! A lap dance she’ll never forget !

Happy Easter !



A 19 year old black shemale in Santa Clarita that goes by cuteartsychick



She’s in Santa Clarita California and goes by the name CuteArtsyChick so don’t forget to search for her profile here. Sexy young 19 year old black shemale. She’s an art student so when you hookup she’ll draw you a picture. Cuteartsychick lives around Valencia and she’s going to animation school. She’s really in love with life right now so it’s a good time to get to know her. She’s developing really well into a beautiful woman. You might find her on the internet looking up cool stuff. She loves to sew and most of her clothes she made herself! Let her nit you something playa.

Overall she considers herself a “Catch” and so do most of her friends. She needs somebody that appreciates her good fashion sense. So she needs lots of compliments. 5’10” and curvy that drinks socially. You might want to buy her a glass of wine when you take her out. Loosen up thangs.

Cuteartsychick is so tired of the bullshit though. There’s a difference between flirting and lying. She wants someone that doesn’t do it on the downlow. She wants someone proud to be with her and take her out and buy her what she wants. If you treat her right she’ll “Treat you like a King !”.

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