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Heather Hung is the new Black Wonder Woman



Lynda Carter doesn’t have anything on the new black shemale Wonder Woman. When she got you back to the apartment she had you wondering how that black dick got in your ass. Everything was cool at the club, no idea this sexy babe had a dick bigger then yours. Don’t be sad because you sucked Heather Hung’s ding dong. She has super hero powers and will zap you with her black lasso of cock ! When she jumped on the bed Heather was excited about playing with her super butthole powers.

Out of the blue she just started sucking her boyfriend off in this movie. She got a great reach around and before you know it, wonder woman was blowing her cum load.

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Black shemale Ashley in a fishnet bodysuit



Her fishnet bodysuit was looking fabulous today. Sexy black shemale Ashley used to go by another name but I can’t remember right now. She cut holes for her perky tits to poke out and tease you. Staring into the camera with an intensity that made her black cock hard. More transsexual fun in the motel, this time with a horny girl that won’t take no for an answer.

She let it all hang out because the bodysuit didn’t have an ass. I hope her high heels don’t poke the bed spread. The maid might not be too happy with that. Her black cock swinging freely in the motel breeze. She bent over and showed you some of that booty. Ashley started stroking it and before you know it her cock was hard as a rock. She wanted to get it just right when she blew her sperm load for the camera !

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Black shemale vacationing in Vegas from Ohio



What happens in Vegas , doesn’t stay in Vegas. You’ll always remember how you were seduced by a sexy black shemale and got your first sphincter stretch mark.  She showed up and moved as gracefully as a ballet dancer in hot lingerie. She thought she was too hot and tasty for those fishnets and took them off. A black shemale with plenty of attitude travelled hundreds of miles to do this sexy video and photo shoot, just so you could get off. Such a sweet giving young lady. When you get into the chat room at black tgirls ask her what she was thinking. Her Michael Jackson gloves and sexy lingerie tease and titillate you sexually.

Her vacation was going great and they were lucky to get such sexy shemale photos of her. Playing with her slot was fun. They hit the craps table and did a little black jack. The biggest winner of the evening was in the nightclub where Mercedez just busted out some Karaoke ! She is such a great singer and working on her new album.

She even flashed her little hormone titties at the audience, making a new friend. It was even easier then the shemale dating site. What he didn’t know was when she took him back to her room , her voice wasn’t going to be the only surprise he’d be admiring for the evening.


Naomi is a blast from the black shemale past 2004



Chocolate pudding pops for everybody ! Black shemale Naomi was hot way back in 2004, what do you think now. Where is she now—Atlanta  or Florida ? Who knows but wherever she is she’s shaking her money maker, that shapely booty, pretty face and all the black shemale cock. She looks into the camera here so innocent and pure, little did we know our ass hole would be soar for a month :( some guy’s are still trying to remove the stretch marks from their lips.

Here in sexy fishnet stockings and panties, showing off her long legs on her luscious body. She could win the Hottest Black Shemales of Florida award hands down. Naomi is a model now and doing just great. Nobody even knows she has the biggest shemale clit in town. First thing she does is hop on the bed. The fishnets and flirty lingerie she has on was a turn on. Then stripping off her hot outfit and letting it all hang out.

The movie she did back in 2004 was really hot. After stripping down to nothing and getting on the bed, she hops in the bathroom. Jacking off and stroking her black cock making it rock hard for you. Naomi likes to get naughty in the restroom.


Chyna hides her big cock in fishnet stockings



What a fresh surprise to be greeted at the motel room by a sexy girl. Black shemale Chyna has big cock. She didn’t even realize how big it was until they broke out the ruler. Black Tgirls has some new movies and updates for you to get off to this weekend!

When she lets the monster out, you gonna do what it wants. Things got so out of hand at the motel with this girl. You gotta see the movie, when they blew up the spot with some Tangeray and Tonic the party really got hot. Just a big fucking sex orgy ! An interracial extravaganza!  I haven’t seen that many greasy buttholes getting abused by massive black cocks since the BP convention was in town.

So sweet looking into the camera. It must be Friday, nobody is that damn relaxed. Time to “get yo fuck on patna” with some transsexual ebony hotness !

Just getting back from the gym it was great she could make it on such short notice. It takes a lot of work to get a hot body like that. Chyna is a black shemale that knows how to take care of her body. She’ll let you take care of it too if you’re a good bitch.

Miss Kinkaid got something special in her koolaid



Petite Kelayna Kinkaid gives up the koolaid in these hot photos from Black Tgirls–all shiny and shit. Black shemale sassy ! Her shiny stretch body suit glimmers almost as much as her oiled down booty. Don’t look her in the eye she might smack you upside the head, make you get on your knees, and force feed you 12 inches of limp dick ! Did the early bird catch the worm?

Kalayna was happy to become a porn star, so I got in touch and we did a shoot. She was a little hesitant and shy at first, but soon got into it. Her big black cock got hard instantly and she began to play with herself. She did so harder and faster until she let out a big spurt of sticky cum! It was “ooey gooey” good. Just like moms used to make!

If you have a fetish for fishnets this girl is for you!

The more I told Kelayna how beautiful she was, the more her cock grew. It got so hard in that shiny little body suit. I thought it was going to pop right out into Larry’s mouth. Don’t talk with your mouth full please. You can hum though, the vibration adds pizzazz ! It also makes the black shemale cum hotter !

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You had a black shemale epiphany



Pretty eyes and legs wrapped in fishnet deliciousness. You had a black shemale epiphany ! Is that a real pearl necklace I can’t tell. The real story is what’s up with that wedding ring on her finger. Did she finally meet the right guy for fun at the teabag party ? Long black muscular legs with fishnet stockings that smell like coco butter. Lick the heels.

She gets real dirty in the bedroom. After slapping you with her shemale limp dick you find yourself getting very hungry. She pulls down those panties and gives you the meat. Oh, you would like the potatoes too, no problem. I hope you’re not a vegetarian because shemale Epiphany got so much black cock your ass is gonna explode just looking at these sexy photos !

I swear I saw her at the shemale dating place. It must of been too good to be true, she never called me back :( There goes Christmas ! After stroking her cock for awhile you would never believe how big it grew. Don’t worry though, her balls are so big and shaved there is plenty more where that came from. Don’t forget about Kiyaras updated photos because I think she’s even bigger then epiphany !

Big black balls filled with juicy sweet cum just for you. Hurry up and get in on this at Black Tgirls before your wife finds all that cock on your computer and you have to go to gay rehab !

Black shemale Tammie aka Krystal teases and delights



She’s back but going by the name Tammie now. A black shemale that learned from Madonna how to re-invent herself. Look at these stunning new pics from Black Tgirls. Fishnet stockings look so tantalizingly fantastic on her seductive ebony body. Don’t forget about the very special part of her body that will soon be residing in your ass ! Those tits are real so don’t even try to get funny.

krystal8023 krystal8005 krystal8016 krystal8054

A plush leather couch is the backdrop for this hot sexual display of black shemale twig and berries. You won’t be disappointed with the new updates they’ve got going. They add new shemales every week. Downloadable photos and video. What are you waiting for. Do you like mobile movies? Tons of downloadable video for your iphone or whatever at grooby mobile.


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Black shemale Nisha is back with her juicy cock


nisha-blackshemale-fishnets nisha-blackshemale-big-cock nisha-blackshemale-suckit

Just chilling by the fireplace. It’s cold in “them thar hills billy”. What better way to spend this holiday season then with Nisha. Your favorite black shemale with so much cock you’ll have to save the rest for leftovers. At Black Tgirls it’s thanksgiving all year long.

Nisha is such a sweet girl from Povidence Rhode Island. She loved the Black Tgirls website so much she mailed in her photos. It didn’t take long for them to discover her. She is such a cute girl wouldn’t you like to play hide the salami sometime with her? Tony Vee scheduled a shoot with her and she went to New York. The big city where your dreams cum true. She was such a pro [ … more at the blacktgirls blog ]. They have a forum in there and everything so check it out later mmmmkay ?

Remy took some hot photos of black shemale Sasha



I hope you did your mouth exercises this morning. Sasha has some small tits. That’s the only thing small about this hot Black Shemale from New York City. When I found out she did a new photo shoot I new it would be magical. She wears only the finest lingerie. Black fishnet stockings and a peephole bra. Easy access is key ! I think Remy is a skilled photographer for Black Tgirls and if you haven’t seen his work you’re missing out.

When she bent over he captured that unique quality off all that booty.

black-shemale-sasha sasha-huge-ass sasha-huge-ass-blackshemale

He had many phone conversations with her and they became great friends. She is probably the best black shemale he has ever worked with. Sasha breaks down the stereotypes that infest transsexuals. Just so you know, Sasha does not escort. She attends college and will soon be a professional girl. I know the guys at the office will love her. Sasha really enjoys “Freaking Out” with her porn shoots. Her ass is plump and those titties are really suckable. Light skin and creamy to go with your cocoa !

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