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Brand new black shemale from Detroit



Sasha Dior is a brand new black shemale from Detroit. Photographed at Black Tgirls first and now a super hot shemale porn star. She does a lot of different poses in these photos. The movies were even better when she busts a fat nut all over her stomach. Jerking her big cock and teasing with her round black booty.

She has a really pretty face. When you met her at the mall you had no idea she had a bigger cock then you did. Once Sasha gets her man in the bedroom it doesn’t matter if he likes girls or guys. He’s getting some cock today. Sasha really likes to have fun with straight guys.

These are some great photos of her doing a sexy little strip tease. Her seductive short skirt and high heels make it that much more tantalizing.  One sexy little black shemale you don’t want to miss. Natural tits and a really shapely and passable petite body she goes out all the time to different clubs and meet up with guys. If you’re ever in Detroit look her up.


Brooke is a slim Black Shemale from Detroit


brooke2003 brooke2009 brooke2034

Brooke has a super sweet smile. Look at that Dental work, give this babe a kiss. A black shemale from Detroit she doesn’t fuck around. If you forgot the lube you’re ass busted out. These new December updates from Black Tgirls is off the hook fantastic. They really stepped it up this Holiday Season so if you got some snaps put some down on Brooke at Black Tgirls, always bet on black like Wesley Snipes. I’m loving this deliciously “fantestical” outfit she has on for this new episode. Those black nylon stockings are simply heart warming and when you add all that ass crack and panties. Who does her hair? One word … marvelous !

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All her friends say Brooke is the most Passable Transsexual they have ever hung out with. Even though she loves  Detroit she likes to get out and travel. Especially right now because it’s fucking cold ! Leave her a note in the chat box at Black Tgirls where all the other dudes posted their shit. If you’re in the area she might get with you.

It could be a black shemale love connection goin on. Herman took these photos and I must say great work. The one where she is on the ground with her ass in the air was my favorite ! Like she’s riding an invisible booty bike. It was even better in the video though so when you get a chance check out the latest updates.

Brooke has a huge black cock.

Tsnichelle is a black shemale straight out of the motor city



It’s so cold and rainy right now in Los Angeles. I’m glad I ran into tsnichelle . When you go to the dating place search for her name. Black shemale tsnichelle is such a great girl to talk to. She told me whenever I’m in Detroit to hit her up. I was like “No way Girlfriend” I seen that video “It’s cold in the D”. It’s cold in LA but it aint that cold. She told me she keeps her men real warm though. You go girl. Detroit has some of the hottest black shemles in the world. American transsexuals with lots a booty you can pour your Christmas gravy on. Tsnichelle likes lots of gravy so no broke asses please.



Tsnichelle is a Libra and describes herself as “Very Passable”, we knew that. All those hot photos in her profile proves her point. I can’t wait to see her on live chat some time. She has really good hair. She also knows how to “Take care of business” so cum correct. Tsnichelle likes to get freaky and kinky. She’s into experimenting with new things and enjoys a good time. She likes exotic pets and rich white men. She’s 5`3 135 34b 22 34 and ready to party. She loves Reggae music and Beyonce so she has a real wide variety of interests. This hot black shemale from detroit likes to cook. You’ll get a great sandwich after she puts that hot dog in your buns. One of her interests is to become a porn star. I hope I catch her at some of the shemale clubs.

Her friends describe her as “Perfect”. What are you waiting for? Get the digits, see that cell phone she’s holding, why aren’t you on it playa ? — she’s waiting.

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