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All American Trannies Heather

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Natassia Dreams bikini time in the Jacuzzi



Why you peepin out her ass dog ? Natassia Dreams thought she would take a dip in the Jacuzzi this evening. It was so hot and inviting she slipped on her sexiest bikini. Her black shemale booty fit snuggly right in between the bubbles. Fantastic ! Some guy with a camera asked if she could take off her bikini bottoms for some quick shots–save them for later or put them on the internet. Natassia was down for anything and decided she would tease with her bubbleliscious black booty cheeks.

Natassia Dreams was just lingering in the water, but that wasn’t good enough. She knew it was time to show off her hot transsexual curves. She shook her black shemale ass around and slapped it. It wiggled, it jiggled and when you smack it at just the right angle it smacks back. She was popping her tits out and one thing led to another. Before you know it her big shemale cock was hard as a rock and ready to take a dip in your ass jacuzzi.

Natassia Dreams had to calm herself down because someone was waiting for her in the bedroom. She was saving her juice for that special man to enjoy. All that time at the black shemale dating place had finally paid off !

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Black tranny Amandah plays in the shower



Amanda likes to play with her big cock in the shower. She’s a shemale that looks really good in a bikini. Her shiny blue bikini is soon covered in oil. She starts to jerk off in the shower with it and begins taking off her bikini.

She just turned 19 and doesn’t do any escorts or any thing like that. Maybe she will for you if you’re the right guy , who knows … ask her in the chat room at Black Tgirls. Amandah Nicole loves to have fun and when the shower runs on her hard cock she giggles a lot. The fourth of July is coming up and it kind of reminds of the fireworks that went off in the shower that day. Amandah blew a big fat load of black shemale cum all over the wall.

If you’re looking for a tall teen tranny that looks great in her new bikini Amandah won’t let you down and the video is amazing.

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Another stunning black shemale beauty in a pink dress



Are we having fun yet ? This black shemale is. Her long black legs, high heels and that pink skirt. Wow—stunning beauty. I just slapped my momma she’s so fine !  You can run your fingers through her hair. Wouldn’t you like to do that? You can if you tap your heels together three times !

After getting some lotion to rub on her legs, these black shemale pics got hotter ! The pink dress and sexy attitude was just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t forget about all that black cock ! After all it’s 4:20 today and if you’re not smoking weed, smoke some black shemale cocks !

Posing in such a sexy bedroom. First she pulls down her top to showoff those hot black tits. You were gazing so hard at those brown nipples you forgot your own name. When you looked up she was looking at you straight in the eye. You decided to check out the booty. Oh yes, and it’s “bubbleliscious” isn’t it? Bouncing on the bed, cock flopping out everywhere. Time to holster that bad boy. Open your mouth.

Yet again , proof positive black shemales look great in a bikini ! Now that you’re getting warmed up , how about trying some black shemale dating. Lots of girls online today ! The booty party is just starting. Who’s bringing the condoms ?

Black shemale Keisha has a new bikini



Did you see Keisha’s dark skinned black shemale booty in a bikini ? She’s originally from Florida but likes to hang out in Vegas. Keisha is in early in her transition. Stunning beauty and very passable. Take her home, meet mom and dad. They’re gonna love all that cock.

This girl is very versatile. Keisha is up for a good time just about anywhere. Look at this hot bikini. Why even bother wearing anything. Dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth. This black shemale prefers to be on top.

keshia3028 keshia3014

She strips down taking off those lace gloves. Taking everything off except her fishnet stockings. After Keisha is fully nude she masturbates. Jacking off her shemale cock until it explodes like it was the fourth of July !


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How about some big black shemale cock today?



Got cock? If not you’re in the right spot. Go here and get some black shemale ding dong it’s “deeeelischious” ! Mimi knows how to satisfy you and that’s not even with a hardon. I’ve heard she can literally tear you a new asshole. look at those tits. She told me they are real and when I squeezed them they were so soft and supple I blushed.

That leopard skin bikini was right on time. It didn’t even look that big but when she let the monster out it was party time for real. I brought a gang of tanqueray and a fat ass J ! I forgot the rubbers but that’s okay. We can go bareback. She’s so squeaky clean you’re going to love all these sex photos from shemale club.


Shemale Club

Shemale Club

the party’s still jumpin …cause my momma ain’t home !

Black Shemale Mycinia is back in a cute blue dress



Fresh from the beauty parlor Black Shemale Mycinia is looking too cute. She thought she would stop by the motel for a little smoke. Her skin tight dress was looking so fabulous. The photographer couldn’t wait to get her to the club and show her off. The guys have really been working over time at Black-Tgirls . Too many new cuties lined up for you this month you might want to check it out.

mycinia6012 mycinia6001 mycinia6015

He told her he wasn’t into “opaques” so Mycinia decided to take it off. She was impressive in her pink bikini. Surf was up today and she would have a been a great addition to your beach rep.

mycinia6028 mycinia6055 mycinia6088

Someone asked her if she was Serena Williams. She said yes and before you know it Mycinia was signing autographs ! Everyone liked the new tattoo. The shocker was when she stripped down totally nude. Everybody almost exploded in their pants ! I couldn’t believe how big her black shemale cock was. She stroked it harder after they rubbed oil all over it. Simply amazing, I’ll never go back to Motel 6. It’s the Holiday Inn all the way !

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Black shemale Belizianmami looking for new playmates


belizianmami7 belizianmami4

Search for Belizianmami when you get to the black shemale dating place. She’s an Aquarius and speaks fluent English. Belizianmami is living in Ontario, California right now so you might have to scoop her up for some “in out” at the beach. She listens to rap and reggae so bring some cd’s. Right now she’s cocktail waitressing and she really hates it. Belizianmami was ment for something more. Something special like sitting on your face for breakfast.

I got some screencaps of her on the cam thing.

belizianmami8 belizianmami6

She’s Curvy and just got a new tattoo. Willing to relocate if you’re getting paid. No broke asses please. She does a little modeling also because she is such a pretty passable black shemale. Her specialty is Hospitality and Travel ;) are you getting the picture yet? She’s your fucking dream cum true. Her clit is much bigger then your wife’s. I think she’s originally from Belize or something.


So remember to search for “BelizianMami” when you get there. She’s oh so very special and when you talk to her tell her how good she looks in a bikini.


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Big cock black shemale nipple rings and oil treatment



What do nipple rings, big cocks, oil and black shemales have in common? They all describe all the fucking fun you’re going to have when you see Natalia Coxxx in her stunning new photo extravaganza featuring her humongous large vein busting cum filled black cock ! I swear how can she even function when all that blood goes down there to fill up that fat huge cock of hers. She must get light headed. When you see all the other hot shemale with mega dicks you’re going to need a tissue. Would you like to be Natalia Coxxx’s dirty little dick eater ?

Let’s not forget those powerful boobs. She’s got tons of fun in those funbags. Before your mouth gets sore you gotta suck on those for awhile. When she’s erect and you’re in the same room I wouldn’t recommend bending over. You might get a surprise. She really outdid herself this time when she was rubbed down with baby oil. It was such a compliment to her shiny beach attire. They had to clean the sand out of her butthole but she was still good to go. Her tight ripped abs and muscular physique is really popular with all the guys hanging out at the water cooler today. Her cock is the talk of the town.

Don’t let Natalia Coxxx pass you by. Get a handful of deez nutz !

Shemale Nika (aka Kiki) slips into something more comfortable


Tom said “I think she came for five minutes in the end” . Simply extradorinary how much black shemale cum squirts out of Kiki. She is a true athlete when it comes to keeping a high sperm count.

blackshemale-nikka blackshemale-nikka-bikini

In October of 2009 Nika (aka Kiki ) stripped down to just her teeny weeny bikini. Have you ever seen a black shemale with such a huge cock in a pretty pink bikini? Now that you have what do you think? Nika is looking damn good today at the motel room. I love the necklace and whoever did her hair keep up the good work. It’s simply fabulous. She strips down in this erotic pictorial at black tgirls. She is also featured often at Franks Tgirl World. A great place for such a hot variety of shemales.

blackshemale-nikka-cock blackshemale-nikka-panties

When you think of shemales Nika really comes to mind. What a passable dianty and femine girl she is. When you touch Nika her body quivers with delight. Great big black boobs and she has such a great Attitude. Her movies are even more spectacular ! Photos just don’t do her justice. You have to get up close and personal with your DVD player. Dream about her large bulge while you eat your thanksgiving left overs.

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