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Grooby Productions Wishes You A Happy Halloween!


If you’re anything like me, you probably have a lot more better things to do on Halloween night than sit and home and browse porn, but just in case you like hiding away from all the ghouls and goblins (or these days, zombies and vampires) coming to your door this night, here are some great Halloween sets for you to check out from the sites of Grooby Productions!

You can sink your teeth into the lovely Tyra Scott over at Shemale Pornstar, play doctor with the girls on Shemale Japan, get scared stiff with Kimora Jade On Shemale Yum, or just have a laugh with Shemale Pornstar Wendy Summers! There are lots of other great costume themed sets over at the Grooby Productions sites so swing on by and check them all out! Save yourself the extra calories and put some candy in your pants instead!

From all of us here at Grooby Productions, have a SAFE and HAPPY HALLOWEEN night!


Former Shemale Pornstar Kimber James Launchs Busty Kimber XXX!


Former Shemale Pornstar Kimber James has launched her new site, Busty Kimber XXX. For those of you who have been hiding in a cave somewhere, Kimber James underwent SRS a while ago and has now restarted her career as a Post-Op Transsexual, setting her sights on conquering mainstream porn with her post-op pussy!

If there is any doubt that Pornstar Kimber James can rise in the ranks, I would just remind you that there were probably those who said she would never become the Queen of Shemale porn either! One thing is certain, Kimber James accomplishes the things she sets her mind to, and with that lovely pink pussy just ready for cock over at Busty Kimber XXX, you can bet that she’ll be making some waves in mainstream porn now. All you Fans of Kimber James, make sure you head on over and help her have a very successful site launch!


Black shemale Natalia Coxxx Gets Hardcore


Natalia Coxxx massage porn

Natalia Coxxx is known for providing that extra special service to her loyal clients. Danny stops by her massage spa for a little relaxation therapy and finishes up with a very VERY happy ending! Check out the preview photos below and if you want to see more of this beautiful Black shemale then you need to visit Black TGirls!

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Gisel is a versatile top and bottom from the islands



She describes herself as a versital top and bottom. A black shemale from the islands and extremely proud of her heritage. Posing in these sexy photos in nothing but lingerie was a dream of hers. All her new fans have made that possible and Gisel wishes she could squirt her shemale juice on all of you. She was already half naked when they started taking pictures. The best part was in the video–it will be a surprise. You can thank Gisel later in the chat room where all the other black girls are.

Gisel has nice long luscious legs. She likes to stretch them out in her nylon stockings and tease you. You already know from her other photo shoot she likes little dick guys. So you’re in luck. She was in the mood to be a bottom tonight and got on all fours. That’s when things really started to heat up. Gisel has so much dark black booty they just had to squirt her down with oil. She loves to shake and wiggle her lady lumps and would enjoy nothing more then slapping her cock against your glossy pucker lips.

You know she needs to get fucked when Gisel starts talking dirty to you in spanish. She’s Dominican and Jamacain don’t forget. Finally in the video she whipped out her chocolate dip stick and jerked herself off.

what else were you looking for , … Black Shemales ?

She’s a black shemale with a mega cock


Mariah Davis is stunning on the couch in her red panties. It didn’t take long for her to get hard and jerk her cum wad all over the place. It took almost an hour for the assistant to clean it up. Make sure you checkout the tube movie of her getting off here. She has nice perky little titties.

She stroked her huge clit in these hot pics at mega cock tranny. The fun never ends when you’ve got 9 inches of black shemale cock to play with. I was surprised how many ebony girls were there. Some of the movies had Brazilian babes but not as many. Black Shemale X is another great site for Black Shemales.


Black shemale Luxury told me to say her name



She likes when she’s fucking her man for him to say her name. Luxury isn’t just a pleasure, she’s a black shemale from Indianapolis, Indiana . Have you even seen the new updates yet at Black Tgirls ? Dirty South scored with this fabulous and unique beauty. Looks like she just came out of a burlesque show. Hot fishnet stockings covering her long black legs. Luxury just started her transformation 6 months ago. She’s only twenty and you can see she is so fresh and so clean clean.

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She loves when you stare at her. It was making her hard and she knows you’ll be there for her. Tell her everything on your nasty mind. Luxury has the freshest little tits. They’re real and already she can milk them sometimes. She is part of all the great new updates for December. Santa brought you something real special this holiday season. Luxury is so sweet and she has that Midwestern style about her that makes your peanut dribble.


Towards the end of the photo shoot Luxury had to jerk off a little. She popped a load right in my eye. It was cool though. I hope you enjoy these preview photos of hot,sweet and tasty Luxury. If you comment about some of her photos it will get her off. She’s a shemale exhibitionist with a lot of talent. Watch her cum in the movies.

She’s the Diamond Princess, a black shemale from Wisconsin


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Diamond Princess loves the camera. That’s why she takes so many photos of herself and posts on the internet. A black shemale  from Wisconson that looks great in a bikini. If you search for lilyah7240 or you peep out her profile here.

In her own words she is “Looking 4 cool people”. Are you cool or some dickhead? If it’s the latter no bother applying, your application has be pre-unapproved.

Add lilyah7240 to your list when you’re ready to have fun. She’s slim 5’8 African American Single black shemale. Lilyah7240 has a belly button ring. She does modeling and makes a living being hot and too damn tasty.  If you can chillout with some R Kelly and like to travel get the digits baby.

Taylor packin the goods in white lace panties !


shemale taylorShemales in Lingerie? I don’t know but Taylor is looking mighty fine in those lace panties. Showing up to get some photos done and looking damn fine in the process on the stairs. Shes packing fat meat so stop beating on the toilet seat and signup to black-tgirls because all the latest updates have been jam packed 10 years on the net. That’s ten years of black shemale dong in ya mouf. Beyond her beautiful smile and sexy body she’s got about 9 inches of love to stuff that muffin. Light skinned and when she bends over you see that nice cleanly shaved booty hole ! Mmmmmmm, melts in your mouth. I asked her if those were lee press on nails and she was like “nah, those are real !” and slapped me upside the head with her ball sack. She told me firmly … “It’s not polite to talk with your mouth full bieeeeeeatch !” …. cum get some

Aniyah has got to be the booty shemale queen


fat black bootyI knew this was going to come up eventually but. Who do you think has the biggest black shemale booty out there. Is it Jade or Aniyah? I think Aniyah has the fattest ass. I took these photos of her awhile ago. I think maybe even 2004 I’m not sure but when you get two big fat black cheeks like this in the shower you can’t help but get a little turned on. If it wasn’t for her twig and berries in this particular photo you would think that was a female and not a transsexual. Yes we know shes a sexy woman no doubt about that. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to piss her off. Especially becuase I’m going to be taking some new photos of her soon for black tgirls. I was asking myself if they were implants until I really got to feel the goods. I had my face up in that ass and I will tell you those buns are for real ! I even let her fart on me. :) Yeah it was great as you can imagine.

We started this shoot in the hopes to exentuate her shape. Let me find some of these movies around here somewhere … anyway, I think we accomplished the mission. She has a tight little blubber cunt too when you lick all the way down to the center. I couldn’t wait to get done with the shower scene because I was already fully erect and she noticed big time. I asked if I could dry her off. I put my camera down for a minute and proceeded to get her nice and dry. I started under her nut sack and worked my back back to that fat ass of hers. She started kissing me and before you knew it we were on the bed rubbing our cocks on each other. I didn’t want to cum too fast but she was obviously interested in some salty dessert. I have big balls so she was like “I bet you’re going to give me a bucket load of that sweet sperm” … I agreed and boy did I ever ! Aniyah didn’t even waste a drop. Then it was my turn. I though I had a load. When she unloaded in my mouth I almost gagged but I knew It was good protien and I was on health kick so I swallowed her sweet goo ! Anyway stay tuned for the movies …





Elexa made the hottest schoolgirl


black shemale elexaShe was a pretty black girl for sure. Then we started talking and before I knew it she was showing me a nine inch bulge in her shorts. Damn, I knew I had the next shemale model and this was going to be good. We had just gotten back from Puerto Rico on a holiday. It was nice to be away from work for awhile. Finding the hottest ebony tgirls aint east ;) To celebrate our return from the vacation we though we would hit up some clubs in Alabama and see if we would get lucky. That is where I met Elexa.

She tall and dark skinned with beautiful luscious lips that were sprinkled with glitter. I didn’t know whether to kiss them or fuck them but I had to get lucky. I told her I was doing some modeling photography and she told me she already had some stuff and was working on a website. I knew I had to get her into the studio fast. Those big ole tranny titties needed to be all over the world. I was thinking she would look great as a schoolgirl. What do you think. Yeah so here she is. I didn’t know if they were real or not but I found out later how real they really were. If soft and suckable count as real count me in ! We had everything setup back at our place but we needed some clothes. I called her up and she told me she had some short skirts and old catholic shoolgirl clothes somewhere laying around her house and she would bring them over. I was in for one hell of a ride. I started the camera and the next thing I know Shes got her ass all up in my face. It didn’t smell too bad either so I took a lick. “Stop teasing me” I tried to tell her becuase I had work to do. We took some photos and she looked really good in them. My video camera got all the other hot action at the hotel.

I asked her if she wanted to come back with me and hang out. I knew she had a boyfriend but I really didn’t care. It didn’t seem like she did either. So I’m sitting back at the hotel room and she wraps those fat juicy lips around my cock. It felt like my balls were literally being drained with every hard suck she gave me. Then it was my turn and before you know it we were fucking on the bed. She covered me in cum. At the end of the night I was sticky in just about every place on my body, … damn she had a lot of juice. I told her to take off her weave but she got all pissed and said it was her real hair. ha ha … The porn in the hotel room didn’t really do any justice. We had some hot sexxx going and I couldn’t wait to get her back into the studio for some hardcore stuff. This was good but we needed it on film. So check out these photos and have a good one. I know I did :)

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