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India Cumms Cums On Black Shemale Hardcore!


Black Shemale Blog presents India Cumms!

The beautiful Black Shemale India Cumms has a cock that gets as rock hard and straight as any cock out there could be, and she has it on display in her new hardcore scene at Black Shemale Hardcore. Just take a look at this White guy as he struggles to choke down the entirety of India Cumms’ big, Black Shemale cock!

Black Shemale Blog presents India Cumms!

If you love watching a sexy Black Shemale’s cock bounce around as she gets fucked by a White guy, then you’re going to love this scene at Black Shemale Hardcore. India Cumms gets hard, and stays hard through a majority of this scene, which is something is not easy to do when you’re getting fucked. Her big Black Shemale cock bounces around happily while she gets fucked until she is ready to shoot her load all over that beautiful Black skin of hers.

Black Shemale Blog presents India Cumms!


Shemale Yum Presents T-Girl Up And Cummers Now Available!


Third World Media and Grooby Productions are together again to release the fantastic new DVD of Shemale Yum Presents: T-Girl Up and Cummers! Gracing the cover is the lovely Sienna Grace, Miranda Meadows, and Brielle Bop, who join a who bevy of new beauties who have set the world of Shemale porn on fire recently.

Directed by Grooby Productions photographer Radius Dark, T-Girl Up and Cummers is sure to capture your imagination as you watch these sexy, future Shemale Pornstars sucking and fucking cock in their scenes. I always enjoy new DVD releases from this collaboration of media giants and I think you’ll love checking out these new, young, Shemale Starlets in their video debuts!


India Cumms Fucking On Black Shemale Hardcore!


Black Shemale India Cumms! Black Shemale India Cumms!

The beautiful India Cumms is one of those girls that you just love to see on a site like Black Shemale Hardcore. Not only is she shapely and beautiful, but she also has a great Shemale cock that gets hard as a rock when she gets turned on.

And of course, on a site like Black Shemale Hardcore, you would expect some good fucking to come along, and there is plenty of it in this scene featuring India Cumms. This sexy Black Shemale loves getting fucked and sinking her Shemale cock into a hot, tight ass too. This is a hardcore scene that has a little bit of everything a Black Shemale Admirer could want!

Black Shemale India Cumms!


Amber Skye Gets Some Cum At Black Shemale Hardcore!


Amber Skye at Black Shemale Hardcore!

Amber Skye made her third appearance at Black Shemale Hardcore last week, and Members there get to see yet another change in Amber’s appearance. Last time we saw Amber, she was sporting a closely cropped hairstyle, but it seems that she’s back with a full head of hair for this hardcore scene.

Amber Skye looks so relaxed as she gets her cock sucked by Trigger here at Black Shemale Hardcore. I love the bright red lipstick on her lips too, which you may notice, gets completely worn off by the end of this scene. I guess Amber gets some good cock-sucking of her own in too! In the end though, Trigger is the one shooting his load all over Amber… yum yum!

Amber Skye at Black Shemale Hardcore! Amber Skye at Black Shemale Hardcore!


Black Shemale Paris Licks Her Cum At Shemale Strokers!


Black Shemale Paris at Shemale Strokers! Black Shemale Paris at Shemale Strokers!

Black Shemale Paris is sure horny, and there is no better place for a girl to get in a little stroking action than at Shemale Strokers! As you can see from these pictures from Paris’ recent set there, she is hard and oozing plenty of pre-cum from her Black cock in anticipation of some serious stroking!

Paris erupts with a load of cum onto this platter, and she wastes no time at all in licking it up… A horny and kinky Black Shemale? Yeah, I think I’ll take that any day of the week! Watch the lovely Black Shemale Paris stroking her Shemale cock today at Shemale Strokers!

Black Shemale Paris at Shemale Strokers! Black Shemale Paris at Shemale Strokers!


All natural shemale Temeka cums in lingerie



Temeka is a small black girl that some would consider petite. Other guys call her skinny but when they get her home they find out she’s not small at all. She’s got the biggest shemale black cock you’ve ever seen. This hot tgirl from around the way has a star studded smile, especially when she is stroking her big hard cock for you. These new photos are super hot and Temeka is hot and delicious in her sexy lingerie.


Someone cut a hole in her see thru lace lingerie. Oops, looks like a big cock fell out. It was amazing watching the movie where she stroked it. Temeka squirted her huge load all over the camera. Really was incredible how she could fit that much cock in that tight sexy lingerie. What are you waiting for. Get some black cum. It’s what’s fer dinner.

Blowing her petite shemale load

Shemale Jessica Host squirted cum in his mouth


black-shemales-kissing cum-in-your-mouth

Shemale Jessica Host ass fucks a new guy, cumming on his face and blowing him. Black shemale fun has begun.She rams his ass while he is hand cuffed and helpless.

Time to meet the new prisoner at TS Seduction . Jessica Host fucks the new guy and cums on his lips. He told them they would never break him. That’s when Jessica Host looked deep into his eyes and said “I’m gonna fuck you like a bitch !” . She tore off that little orange jump suit and saw interestingly enough he was already hard? Wood never lies and she knew she had his full attention. “When I let the monster out, you’re gonna do what it wants”. So get out your wallet and pay to cum.

He felt her ample breasts with gusto while they deep tongue kissed for an hour. There was so much pre-cum between the two of them before they even started fucking somebody got ass pregnant.

Before she dumped her shemale load into his hole Jessica Host pounded his bungholio. He loved getting fishhooked by this hot transsexual. In the end he divulged all necessary information pertinent to the situation at hand.

She was a bbw shemale kind of thick in the legs that liked cum on her face


interracial cumshotThis dude was into the hardcore kinky type sex and had never been with a shemale before when he first gave Black-Tgirls his application for tranny fuckin. Aarotica had just flown in from Detroit and needed some cock so she gave me a call. I met her down at her hotel and we were supposed to hitup some shemale clubs and have a good time. It didn’t quite work out that way. She was so bitchy the whole fucking day… she wanted a certain food, she couldn’t get her hair done at certain places , blah blah. It never ended. I kept thinking how I couldn’t wait to get her back to my house so I could fuck her brains out and blow my cumshot all over her black face. We were going to have some interracial love action tonight. I swear we were at a restaurant and she pissed off the waiter before he brought us our food? I thought to myself this guy is picking his nose in there. I almost walked out but she was being so sweet all of a sudden. I think she was testing me and playing mind games.

So we finally make it back home. I had been waiting all day to shut her up with my cock and I got my chance. I really like the bbw girls but she really wasn’t fat. Just had some big legs. Thats okay though because they were soft and she knew how to shave and keep herself smellin good. The few extra pounds were just more cushin for the pushin. Right when she walked in the door I could tell she was about to bitch about something when I just told her to get on her knees. She did because she likes to be bossed sometimes. I said “Open your Mouth !”, she did and then I just rammed my cock so hard down her throat she gagged on it. Before I was through I had blew a massive load all over her pretty little face. Since I had fucked her so hard she was tired and just laid there with my sperm running down her face. I think she was satisfied. I walked back in later and saw her sound asleep.

Ashley got warm cum on her cheek from her online date


cumWhen John was ready to bust his load you know it was the greatest shot to take but Ashley decided she wanted the one with cum on her cheek. When I found Ashy and John at the bar at first I didn’t know she was a he she or shemale. The black chairs and the club was kind of dark so it was hard to tell. We all got to talking and she told me to give her a kiss on her cheek. I was like what? Why would she want that , we just met .. lol . So I did and it was a strange one. At first I thought it was salt from the bar but to my astonishment it was Johns hot load. What really sucked is when they showed me the photos. I was in shock and then John grabbed Ashlys cock out of her pants and he said “What do you think?”. I knew I was in trouble but I kind of liked it. Until he told me to suck it. I was amazed because we were in a crowded bar. I didn’t even notice I walked into a Tranny club. A place where guys can meet trannys. I don’ t know if its online dating or anything but close. I guess her and John met online.

They wanted a threesome and to throw me into the mix. I didn’t want to at first but they talked me into it. After seeing these pictures of her sucking his cock I knew I was in for a good time. I always forget my camera when I have these great shemale adventures but this time I got lucky. It was in the trunk of my car. After we got loaded we all got to his house to crash. All of a sudden everybody just got naked. I was shy but they didn’t care because how can you when you have 9 inches of meat down your throat. Ashly could really suck a cock and to watch her in action made me hard. I finally just whipped it out and stuck it in her mouth. John wasn’t pissed because he already busted a fat one on her other cheek. My turn and damn was it good. She told me to get on my back because she wanted to taste my asshole. It was an amazing experience and I don’t know the last time I came so hard. I took her fucking ear ring off and put it on my cock. Looked good … but she asked me if I could put them around my balls. At first I didn’t think I could do it but she put some lotion on my sack first. I loved it because it smelled like coconut thats when I decided I wanted to put some on her cocoa nuts.

Black Shemale Nia Lee Wielding Her Weapon On Bob’s Tgirls!


Black Shemale Blog presents Nia Lee!

I suppose that one could make the argument that Black Shemales do wield some pretty big weapons when it comes to Shemale cock, but in this Bob’s Tgirls set, Nia Lee has a whole different weapon that she’s wielding! I don’t think I would want to get too close to Nia Lee with her morning star in hand…

Of course, once Black Shemale Nia Lee has disarmed herself, I think she is much more approachable, especially with that big, hard Shemale cock of hers waiting to be pleasured here at Bob’s Tgirls. Love the thought of a sexy Black Shemale dominating your ass? Well, Nia Lee may be too much for you to handle, but I’m sure she would welcome your trying!

Black Shemale Blog presents Nia Lee! Black Shemale Blog presents Nia Lee!


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