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Hot damn Electra had some serious black shemale booty cheeks

Black Shemale BDSM

Black Shemale BDSM

So much ass I couldn’t come up for air. Electra was really tall. Long legged black shemale packing a large ebony cock. In these free photo galleries some of the pics are in your face hot shemale action. Like this pic for example. If you want to check it out you shouldn’t hesitate. Too bad they couldn’t capture her when she was walking down the street. It looked like two monkey fighting in her pants she had so much ass. Electra is just one of many new girls that they have lined up to get you off. I wish I could of got some HD video of her turning all the straight guys on.

I asked her If she would let me stick my finger in her tight ass hole and she said yes. It was fun and Electra told me that she might be able to cum from just me finger fucking her like that. People were staring at us like we were a couple, she is so tall and there were not very many black shemales around that day, especially as hot as Electra in those sexy boots she loves to wear and old grannies kept staring at her cock. I didn’t want to get too crazy because we were in the line at McDonald’s when we were fooling around.

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She had long black legs and big booty cheeks

black shemale

black shemale

The long legs and fat booty cheeks were great. Then I got it all wrapped up in some nylon panties. The lingerie kicked in and all that black lace. I grabbed my chest and told me friends I had too much. I can’t take it. That’s when she let me touch it. Her booty was so soft and silky. So chocolaty milky. When she started to take off her panties you could see she was getting excited. Her man clit was starting to swell up. In all the excitement I noticed my balls have also expanded. She told me she couldn’t wait to squeeze them because she likes quality juice. She started stripping for me. Skeezo turned on some tunes. Private Dancer by Tina Turner. I really started to feel the flavor of a pringle. The evening proceeded to get hotter !

She bent over on the red couch and I grabbed both butt cheeks with gusto ! Rammed my ding ding right into her black hole. I went into warp drive and decided to give her a reach around. This was insane, I was only used to jerking my own schmerkin. What was I gonna do now. I pulled out my cock and she started to suck it. Wow, she must of had a really clean ass !

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Tiffany showed up with some dark black butt cheeks



She was looking good in those tight jeans but the first thing I noticed was her pretty smile. We had just finished staying up all night at the casino and when we came back from breakfast she still looked good. I couldn’t believe it. Tiffany was a dark skinned beauty from the U.S.A. and and back in her neighborhood they used to call her “big worm”. That was before she new she ever heard about hot black shemales and all the fun things you can do in Las Vegas. She had my favorite color lipstick on so that made things even hotter. When she pulled down her pants and gave me a taste of that dark chocolate bootyhole I was in love. I went right down to one of the shops and Ceasars Palace and bought some flowers and candy. When I came back up to the room Tiffany was already laid out on the bed waiting for me to inject my man meat. It was more then hot it was erotic and the stories just get better and better after that morning. Don’t go off without checking out the rest of these sexy ethnic transsexual ladies ya hear?!?

Veronica Moore And Lucky On Black Shemale Hardcore!


Black Shemale Blog presents Veronica Moore! Black Shemale Blog presents Veronica Moore!

Today we’re representing all the Black Shemales out there who have a little cushin’ for the pushin’. The lovely Veronica Moore is a plus sized Black Shemale who recently got Lucky over at Black Shemale Hardcore. Lucky just loves sinking his big cock into the soft cheeks of Veronica Moore… wouldn’t you just love to get lucky too?

Black Shemale Blog presents Veronica Moore! Black Shemale Blog presents Veronica Moore!


Black Shemale Thays Pezzini On Frank’s Tgirl World!


Black Shemale Blog presents Thays Pezzini! Black Shemale Blog presents Thays Pezzini!

We’re once again returning to the pages of Frank’s Tgirl World to check out one beautiful Black Brazilian Shemale named Thays Pezzini! This curvy Brazilian girl has an ass to die for, and you can bet that she gets a whole lot of attention showing it off in her tiny bathing suits as she walks down the beaches of Brazil!

Black Shemales have some great asses, don’t they? I mean there are some other girls who have some great asses too, but this is one ass that is just begging for a hard cock to slide between those cheeks and start pounding away. This is Thays Pezzini’s second set on Frank’s Tgirl World so if you love this beautiful, Black Brazilian Shemale as much as I do, make sure you head on over!

Black Shemale Blog presents Thays Pezzini! Black Shemale Blog presents Thays Pezzini!


A Delicious Black Shemale Appears On Black-Tgirls!


Black Shemale Delicious Starr makes for a delicious way to start off your week over at Black-Tgirls. This sexy Black Shemale has some really great curves to go along with that sexy smile, and I think that ass is something that you’ll be dreaming about for many nights ahead.

I always love seeing new Black Shemales debut over at Black-Tgirls. Delicious Starr makes for one sexy girl in her black lingerie. This second picture of her, with that line high on her hips… that is a great picture! Wouldn’t you just love to get your hands on those lovely ass cheeks of hers too? Or perhaps you would rather make a delicious snack of the this beautiful Black Shemale’s hot cock!


2011 Tranny Award Nominations Announced!


Nominations for the 2011 Tranny Awards have been announced! Here is a partial list of the nominees for you to browse and you can see complete details on the Tranny Awards site in the near future! Thanks to all of you who put in nominations for your favorite girls. As with every year, the announced nominations are already creating a buzz between Fans and Admirers of the different girls… These are going to be some hotly contested categories! Make sure to get your ticket to the event so you can get in… It is going to be a blast!

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Natassia Dreams bikini time in the Jacuzzi



Why you peepin out her ass dog ? Natassia Dreams thought she would take a dip in the Jacuzzi this evening. It was so hot and inviting she slipped on her sexiest bikini. Her black shemale booty fit snuggly right in between the bubbles. Fantastic ! Some guy with a camera asked if she could take off her bikini bottoms for some quick shots–save them for later or put them on the internet. Natassia was down for anything and decided she would tease with her bubbleliscious black booty cheeks.

Natassia Dreams was just lingering in the water, but that wasn’t good enough. She knew it was time to show off her hot transsexual curves. She shook her black shemale ass around and slapped it. It wiggled, it jiggled and when you smack it at just the right angle it smacks back. She was popping her tits out and one thing led to another. Before you know it her big shemale cock was hard as a rock and ready to take a dip in your ass jacuzzi.

Natassia Dreams had to calm herself down because someone was waiting for her in the bedroom. She was saving her juice for that special man to enjoy. All that time at the black shemale dating place had finally paid off !

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Black shemale Pornstar Natalia Coxxx DVD



She’s a black shemale porn star–for real. The #1 black girl of all time! She’s got a hot six pack and oh my gosh, did you see how big her dick was Becky ? Her favorite past time is sticking it to the man, right in his ass ! She can be hardcore or soft as a black shemale southern peach. She works out and loves to stroke it. I couldn’t believe one of the hottest scenes in this movie where she jerks off into her own mouth ! She’s blowin up the spot in those cheeks in this new video. Don’t forget you get free 20 minute preview when you signup.

Some of the scenes include the one where she strips naked, her white boyfriend comes over for some interracial sex with a black girl. What he finds out is her cock is bigger then his. When he starts to cry like a little bitch–Natalia Coxxx unloads and blows hot fat loads into his mouth. It was so real, with no computer animation. I couldn’t believe my eyes until I actually downloaded the movie. Don’t think you can download this sexy black shemale anywhere else because they’re back tracing your ass now, trust me. Just check out the free 20 minute preview ! After they’re both hard as a rock it’s time for a little face fucking. How about that ?

Things get a little bizarre when Natalia Coxxx breaks out the whip and chains. Wrapping up his nut sack and slapping his niños. Like I was saying, this movie gets down and dirty with Natalia Coxxx on top and bottom. She’s so versatile it’s amazing to watch. I’ve never seen a black shemale fuck so many whiteboys in my life. Stretching pretty pink buttholes left and right. Working up a sweat and delivering the payload ! You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it !

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Black shemale Nikki looking for a date



This girl isn’t looking for the “average joe.” A thick black shemale from Maryland wants to get your attention anyway she can. Looking good in sweet panties and showing off her fat booty. Taking cell phone pics and giving them to her friends–finally looking for love online. It’s been a rough road slapping those cheeks but she’s getting close to finding her perfect man. She’s an Aries and describes herself as “thick!” Thick booty, and hopefully when you meet her you’ll find out just how thick she really is. She’s looking for a discreet and fun time with a clean cut but flirtatious man. Could you be the man of Nikki’s dreams? When you get there ask for LovelyNikki10, you can see the other self pics she’s made available online in the members area. Signing up for free dating never had so many great benefits until today so what are you waiting for?

In school Nikki was the teachers pet. A little shy and outgoing, but a really talented girl when it came to music and reading. She’s drawn to intelligent and sophisticated men so if you’re the right one don’t miss the boat. Shopping is also one of her favorite past times so you’re going to need some funds. This black shemale hotty is flexible. Don’t get it twisted though, she’s not a gold digger and sometimes can make an exception if the guy is really hot.

lovelynikki10_2 lovelynikki10

Nikki works full-time in the entertainment business so there might be some really interesting conversation over a glass of champagne or a nice moonlight stroll. She enjoys Comedy, Drama and going out to a nice restaurant. Treat her like a lady and you’ll be able to grab that booty too. Just like in that photo. Black shemale Nikki really enjoys Beyonce so if you’re not a fan, … be one. Good luck !

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