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Black Shemale Lady Godiva And Her Big Booty On Black-Tgirls!


Black Shemale Blog presents Lady Godiva! Black Shemale Blog presents Lady Godiva!

It has been about three years since Black Shemale Lady Godiva last was seen at Black-Tgirls so it is really great to see her return to the site recently with this shoot. Looks like Lady Godiva still has that beautiful, big booty that made her so popular with Members of the site back when she debuted in 2003!

This lovely Black Shemale has nine scenes at Black-Tgirls now and every one of them should make any self-respecting Black Shemale Lover very, very happy. I think you’ll enjoy checking out this updated set of hers and especially imagining that big, round booty of hers clamping down around your cock as you fuck her silly!

Black Shemale Blog presents Lady Godiva! Black Shemale Blog presents Lady Godiva!


Black shemale Carrera put you in a booty squeeze



His assistant, and let’s emphasize the ass, introduced him to a new black shemale on the scene. Shaking her booty all around the block in those bikini panties and fishnet stockings. Don’t pull your pants down because nobody wants to see that booty crack, … unless it’s covered in baby oil. Carrara get’s freaky deaky when she wants to stick it so don’t pickup the soap homie. There’s a look in her eye. Yes, you know this look. Carrera thought you had attitude so she put your head in a booty squeeze. You could hardly breath and begged her to release you from her cheeky grip.

Carrera likes foreplay and little married men like you with tight buttholes. She decided to let you go if you promised to watch her strip butt hole nekked. First she took off her tight jeans. Such a curvy black shemale figure, soon the panties came off. She took her fishnet stockings off last. She’s a girl from from Puerto Rico so you know she knows how to get down. Even Obama said, “Lawds Mercy !” …

Carrera is a magician. She can make your cock disappear ! Poof !

Black shemale from NYC called my cell for booty call



Chilling out at the pad I got a call. It was some black chic I met at the club. Little did I know she was a black shemale. My cell kept blowing up so I finally decided to give up the dick. It ain’t easy givin up all this man meat but who am I to discriminate, open your mouth. Hardcore fucking was on my mind. When I got over to her house in NYC I had to pull out my cock real quick and let her suck on it. She was surprised at first but soon changed her mind when I showed her my balls. Big black hairy balls that she liked to lick cleaner then a whistle.

This black tgirl was strokin my schlong all night. It was my first time being with anyone like this. I heard about the Black Shemales on the internet but that’s about it. I never knew I’d have a mouthful of ebony cock meat between my lips. Gosh, to think a true love sprouted from this romance and it all started on our cell phones. It didn’t take long before I was downloading black shemale sistas video on demand. They even sent me some cocoa butter to rub on my thick long black cock.

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Shemale Logan is back with all kind a booty



Frank slapped some booty down at his site with a sexy shemale with lady lumps. Kennedy Logan has just got it! I think she’s one of the hottest girls out there and when I met her I realized she was just as sweet as can be and even sexier and cuter in person. She smacks her ass so the jelly will jiggle. Open your mouth because black shemale Logan is on fire up in this bitch.

He had some other hotty the other day wearing glasses. She said she was black. Short skirt to show off her strong thighs. Her hormone breasts just keep getting better. Sometimes she lets you suck the milk out of them. Frank took some great movies and sex photos of this hot tranny so don’t be surprised if you see more of her. After slapping her booty around for awhile she gets on the bed.

While she’s lying down she pulls up her skirt and pulls out her huge black cock. It didn’t take long for her to get hard as a rock. Check out Franks TGirl World. The party never stops with hot black shemales and tons more !


Black Shemale Pocahontas booty photos by Buddy Wood


blackshemale-pocahontas_kiss blackshemale-pocahontas-booty

blackshemale-pocahontas-cock blackshemale-pocahontas-tatoo-booty

Buddy Wood found some black shemale booty for real. The famous booty of Pocahontas at your favorite Black Tgirl spot. You can get her free for ten minutes with Video On Demand. Nobody does it like grooby. Get your wank on. Just download the movies you want.

This was one of the great photoshoots of 2007. Pocahontas was excersizing that booty making it sweet and deliscious like two ripe apples. Smack it up , flip it, rub that big fat black shemale booty down. She should change her name to PocahontASS for real. I could stick my soda between those cheeks while I’m eating lunch. She’s got tons of tattoos. Her look has really manifested into something “superbootynatural”. Spider webs and all !

Did I mention you can watch her jiggle that booty juice free for ten minutes ?

Black Shemale Neon AKA Brownie jiggles her fat booty meat


Brownie, I mean Neon likes to show off that big brown booty of hers. A black shemale that loves to wear hats. I swear she they aren’t ass implants. They are the real butt cheeks, just like momma used to make. So why don’t you have a slice of this chocolate pie.

She has really long legs and when she got her new perm it was party time ! We went out to the club and who did we run into? All kinds of straight guys that wanted some ass. It was about 2:00am and things were winding down. We noticed a couple drunk guys looking at Neon’s black booty cheeks. It wasn’t hard to do she was flaunting them everywhere. Nobody had any idea she had a big penis under her tight shorts. This was one shemale they wouldn’t forget. Two of the guys must of struck out with some other girls.

Neon took them home and rocked their worlds. It was great you should see the movie or check out the chat room at Black Tgirls to see the latest shemale gossup.  Either way you’re going to have a great time and bust a fat nut like it’s your fucking birthday !

Black bbw shemale Buffy oils down her booty


01 02 03

04 05 06

Black shemale buffy likes to play with her jelly roles. She’s “fat tastic” today in her pink lace panties. Buffy is a bbw to remember because she’s got an extra surprise in store for you. When you went to the club and the only girl left was a big girl. You thought it was safe and took her home.

It was already too late because before you know it you were getting poked.

Buffy likes to oil down her black bbw shemale booty cheeks for her boyfriends. Today she oiled down the cheeks just write. When she stripped out of her short skirt and let you shake her belly fat. Slap some grease on that crack and go to work. If you like these photos you’re going to love the movies !

Black shemale Shay gives you her round and brown booty



Shay just got a new perm and was looking sexier then ever. We had just finished watching the Tyra Banks show about good hair. I would say Shay has great hair for a black shemale. So soft and she even had that “white girl flow”. Did you see her naked ? Shay strips down into some hot lace panties and bra. Her pink fishnet stockings was the cherry on top.

When she hops on the bed she spreads her butt crack to reveal her black hole. Would you like a slice of her chocolate cake it’s deliscious. Just don’t piss her off because she’s stronger then you.

If you haven’t seen her girlfriends you should check this site out Black Tgirls

I needed a booty call and they sent over a black shemale from the agency



Sexxxy Jade in tight booty shorts showed up at the motel. When she said she was coming over for a booty call, I had no idea she was going to bring so much booty. I think there was a mixup when I was looking for sex online. Nothing major but I told them I wanted a black girl with big tits. They sent me a black shemale with a big dick. I think I typed in the name wrong because I went to black shemale dating. She sould of been a pole dancer because she could really work it. She was going to show me how to be a pole smoker though before I knew it.

Stripping and dancing for me something big fell out of her pants. I reached up to catch it and found out it was a big black cock. Oh no, my spider senses tingled and I realized the situation may get a little out of control. I asked her what it was and she told me she just had elephantitis of the clit. Jade told me to rub some lotion on it to stop the swelling. That didn’t work but it was fun trying . It was also fun trying on her girlfriends Jasmine Jewels and Mia Isabella .


If you need a booty call from hot Solo Shemale Sexy Jade then you came to the right place and I’m sure you will enjoy your stay. Lots of galleries of her there with see thru panties, leather, lingerie and all kinds of sticky situations.


Hot damn Electra had some serious black shemale booty cheeks

Black Shemale BDSM

Black Shemale BDSM

So much ass I couldn’t come up for air. Electra was really tall. Long legged black shemale packing a large ebony cock. In these free photo galleries some of the pics are in your face hot shemale action. Like this pic for example. If you want to check it out you shouldn’t hesitate. Too bad they couldn’t capture her when she was walking down the street. It looked like two monkey fighting in her pants she had so much ass. Electra is just one of many new girls that they have lined up to get you off. I wish I could of got some HD video of her turning all the straight guys on.

I asked her If she would let me stick my finger in her tight ass hole and she said yes. It was fun and Electra told me that she might be able to cum from just me finger fucking her like that. People were staring at us like we were a couple, she is so tall and there were not very many black shemales around that day, especially as hot as Electra in those sexy boots she loves to wear and old grannies kept staring at her cock. I didn’t want to get too crazy because we were in the line at McDonald’s when we were fooling around.

A bunch of new black shemale porn sites that seem to be pretty hot right now. Electra was a great addition to their site. I think all the Ebony girls their are ready to please and the site is updated all the time. Some good things about this network of shemale sites is that you can access them all ! 5 Shemale sites, 100% Exclusive Content, HD videos , Streaming Flash tube videos , Zipped Photo galleries, Downloadable, Discreet Billiing, 24/7 Support with new sites coming soon.

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